It can be really heartbreaking for you as a mum or dad to see your little baby boy or girl suffer from a blocked nose and discomfort. A blocked nose has a considerable negative impact on the quality of life for you and your little one. Not only does it cause your baby to be whiny, it also causes you lots of lost sleep and it challenges your patience. So free your baby’s nose as quickly as possible. Thanks to just a few helpful home remedies, you can ease the discomfort. 


Let’s first take a look at why optimal sleep is essential for normal Babies are known to frequently get a blocked nose. The reason is that the normal collection of mucus in the nose is very difficult for the little ones to discharge.


Yet, for the development of your little one, an unblocked nose is important. That’s because babies tend to breathe through their nose in the first month of their life – so when it’s blocked, they have trouble breathing, which leads to eating and sleeping problems too. That’s why a freed-up nose is important during feeding: when sucking on the bottle or nursing, your little boy or girl naturally then needs to breathe through their nose.


Put an end to this viscious cycle. Try these home remedies for unblocking your baby’s nose and helping to ease the discomfort:


1) Increase the room’s humidity

The moist air is breathed in and helps to loosen up the mucus in baby’s nose.  To add humidity to the nursery, set up a vaporiser when your little one is sleeping and during play time.


2) Make sure baby gets plenty of liquids

Maintaining adequate hydration may help to thin out the mucus in the nose and helps it to flow better to the outside.


3) Highly tolerable nasal decongestant

A number of pharmacies offer nose sprays or drops especially for babies’ little nose. Ideally they contain a low-dosage active ingredient that is well tolerated.


4) Saline solution nose drops

A saline solution supports the cleansing of the nose and nasal cavity. Because it is based on a salt ingredient, it can also be used on your baby’s sensitive nose.


5) Ensure for lots of quiet time

Just like adults, babies, too, can become stressed. So make sure he or she gets plenty of rest and any activities you undertake are quiet and comfortable.



Most newborn babies develop a condition called Milia. These are tiny white bumps that form on the nose. They are completely safe and nothing to get concerned about, as they result from a type of protein called keratin. They will gradually disappear within a few months. 

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