Breathe easier in life with Nasivion®

We have made it our mission to support you and your loved ones in getting life back to normal when suffering from a blocked nose – with nasal decongestant products that unblock your nose and enable you to breathe easier.

We understand those suffering from a blocked nose

We’ve all had the experience: When you suffer from a blocked nose and have a general feeling of discomfort. Not only do you personally suffer from the blocked nose symptoms, your workplace and colleagues, as well as your family or friends can also be affected by your suffering. 

You are hindered in your sports and leisure-time activities, and in enjoying memorable occasions with your loved ones or special events. The chore of having to constantly blow your nose to breathe easier can also be quite embarrassing. 

We offer Nasivion® decongestant and saline solution

To help you recover quickly from your blocked nose, and to support easier breathing, there’s Nasivion® decongestant nasal spray. The well-tolerated and efficacious formula frees up your nose and helps you live your normal life again. Our Classic Adult nasal spray has been proven to support a speedier recovery from blocked nose1. For daily nasal care, we offer our effective saline solution, which is ideal for keeping your nose clean.

The Nasivion® range of decongestant products also caters to children and infants. Our nasal drops especially for your little ones are well tolerated by their noses and help them breathe easier.

After all, when healthy, adults and kids alike can perform better, learn easier and enjoy an all-round more fulfilling life.


The active ingredient in all Nasivion® decongestants is Oxymetazoline Hydrochloride. This ingredient has been proven to be effective in removing the obstruction to nasal breathing. Studies also show that the effects are long-lasting and that it is well tolerated by most users. Oxymetazoline works so well that it’s preferred by NASA to keep their astronauts breathing freely and was on boarding during the Apollo mission to the moon!


Whether you or your little ones have a blocked nose due to rhinitis or sinusitis, we give you the support you need to get your life back.


1In a prospective, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial, Nasivion® 0,05 % demonstrated a statistically significant reducing of the duration of acute rhinitis by 2 days as compared to normal saline solution. Reinecke S, Tschaikin M. Investigation of the Effect of Oxymetazoline on the Duration of Rhinitis. MMW - Fortschr Med. 2005;147(3):113-118.


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