To be young is to be carefree. The occasional setback hardly stops the smiles and playful energy only babies seem to have in endless supply. Yet a case of rhinitis can hold them back. Blocking not just their noses and impairing free breathing, but also influencing the full enjoyment they get from every day. Providing an effective solution poses quite a challenge, as it involves babies and infants up to 1 year of age.

Nasivion® 0,01 % nasal drops for infants up to 1 year of age brings just what is needed to blocked noses: a fast-acting decongestant. Yet, the sensitive nasal passages of babies need well-tolerable rhinitis treatment, not just a fast solution.


Made with your baby’s nose in mind


The nasal lining relies on small hairs, or cilia, to clean it constantly. These cilia remove dust and germs from the air that infants and babies breathe in during sleep and play.






The core ingredient of Nasivion® 0,01 %, Oxymetazoline, has defined it as a product for decades, and proven its reliability and effectiveness time and again. Simply put, when it comes to blocked noses, it gets the job done. But Oxymetazoline is also well tolerated by little noses: as proven in an vitro study, Oxymetazoline without preservatives shows nearly no impact on ciliary activity – vital for cleansing the nose. Doctors and parents also agree: 93 % of doctors and 90 % of parents rated the overall efficacy as “very good” or “good”.2



TLC at its best


To further treat little noses, Nasivion® 0,01 % Nose Drops for infants also offers nasal care in blocked noses. Meaning the decongestion action is well tolerated and effective.

When it comes to infants, Nasivion® 0,01 % shows impressive, proven results2:

- 97 % improvement of nasal breathing

- 92 % improvement of rhinitis symptoms

- 90 % improvement against sleeping difficulties

- 91 % improvement of feeding difficulties


Let nothing hold them back!


If your little one has rhinitis, think of it as handling it with kid gloves: tough on the problem, while going easy on the patient! Nasivion® calls this good tolerability. Which simply comes down to good sense. 

Nothing should hold babies back from normal development. Least of all a blocked nose or the nasal spray to remedy it. Thanks to Nasivion® 0,01 %, infants can breathe easier while eating and sleeping, and drinking is improved – to make life easier at the moment. 


1Deitmer T and Scheffler R. The effect of different preparations of nasal decongestants on ciliary beat frequency in vitro. Rhinology 1993;31:151-153.

2Bergner A and Tschaikin M. Treating rhinitis in babies and toddlers. Translation Deutsche Apotheker Zeitung 2005;145:97-99 (English translation).





In the first few months of life, babies are obligate nose breathers. This means that they can only breathe through their noses.

There's nearly nothing more heartbreaking for you as a mum or dad than to see your little baby suffer..
Sleep is vital for recharging your body and mind - for adults, children and babies alike.

The 25 sec onset of action evidence pertains to a clinical study in adults with formulation containing 0.05% Oxymetazoline HCL