It happens to us all: the average person catches a bout of rhinitis two to four times a year. This not only has a potentially negative impact on your workplace, it also keeps you from living a normal life. Although there are times when you simply cannot avoid catching rhinitis, you can make it easier to cope with thanks to effective nasal decongestant.

Nasal symptoms – such as blocked nose, sneezing and more – can crop up early after viral infection. They can even last for up to 10 days. But why wait that long to get back to breathing freely and leading a normal life?


Up to 12 hours of free breathing2

To provide long-lasting relief from a blocked nose, there’s a range of nasal decongestants available – such as those from Nasivion®. They come in a metered spray, regular spray or drop form for every preference of use.

Just one spray or drop of Nasivion® nasal decongestant in your nose is all it takes to enjoy up to 12 long hours1 of continuous relief and easier breathing. You’ll notice the decongestant effect fast – after only 25 seconds2 with the Classic 0,05 % product.


The right nasal spray for the whole family


The Nasivion® product range not only caters to adults – it also offers nasal relief and free breathing for children and babies. The active ingredient, Oxymetazoline, is well tolerated by patients of all age groups for effective use on adults, children and babies as of their first day of life. So it is suitable for virtually the whole family.

Don’t let rhinitis get you or your loved ones down – take effective and safe measures for healthy life. An effective nasal spray is a good start: Nasivion® 0,05 % Metered Nose Spray, Nasivion® 0,05 % Nose Spray, Nasivion® 0,05 % Nose Drops, Nasivion® Paediatric 0,025 % Metered Nose Spray, Nasivion® Paediatric 0,025 % Nose Drops or Nasivion® 0,01 % Metered Nose Drops.

They all provide fast relief for stuffy noses, are well tolerable on the nose and last longer – up to 12 hours with just one use1.


1Martindale. Thirty-eighth edition. The complete drug reference. Oxymetazoline Hydrochloride. Editor: Thomson Reuters.

2In a prospective, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial, Nasivion® 0,05 % demonstrated a statistically significant reducing of the duration of acute rhinitis by 2 days as compared to normal saline solution. Reinecke S, Tschaikin M. Investigation of the Effect of Oxymetazoline on the Duration of Rhinitis. MMW - Fortschr Med. 2005;147(3):113-118.




Rhinovirus was first isolated in 1956 by Dr. Winston Price at Johns Hopkins University and was quickly determined to be the most common cause of cold symptoms in adults.

Source: Kennedy J.L., M.D et al. Pathogenesis of Rhinovirus Infection. Curr Opin Virol. June 2012; 2(3): 287–293.

The problem with blocked nose is that you can only treat the symptom. It kicks in before you know and affects your daily routine. But you don’t have to put up with it for long. Now there’s a way to show your blocked nose who’s in charge and tell it: “Your time is up!”
Sinusitis, sinus infection, allergic rhinitis - there are many terms to describe your condition..

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